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The Homeschooling Schedule
Mary Joyce

Although homeschooling families are as varied as the number of families involved in homeschooling, they all have at least one thing in common. That is a strong sense of responsibility for their childís education. Homeschooling families are comprised of all walks of life and all geographic regions.

Starting to homeschool can be nerve racking. It is for most everyone. Your brain is on overdrive with all the information you have gathered about, homeschool curriculums and all those choices. Homeschool schedules and lesson plans, what to teach, how to teach, what if I donít know the subject, where do I find homeschool resources and which are the best for us? After a while you will feel like you need a break from it and thatís o.k. you probably should take a little downtime.

Early on many new homeschoolers feel more comfortable with formal structure and scheduling for each of their days. However, most homeschool parents usually evolve into a less rigid methodology as they become more confident with their lesson plans and their teaching ability and style. As you gain confidence and become less rigid in your approach and schedule youíll find that flexibility is a key element of your homeschool schedule. Unexpected developments will always crop up during the day so the quicker you can gain confidence and become more flexible, the less stressful you will find your day.

Remember. Even with the abundance of homeschooling information that is readily available to you, the absolute best resource you have available is you and your creativity! Donít get sideways when things donít go according to the plan. One of the biggest advantages to homeschooling is the fact that you are in control of the scheduling and you can approve any changes to your homeschool schedule.

Be yourself, encourage and love your kids, donít worry about always doing everything 'the right way'. Always expect to learn something new! And emphasize having fun!

About the Author

Mary Joyce is a former educator, successful homeschool parent, and has written many articles on
teaching your child at home for the Homeschool-Curriculum-4u website. Please visit (http://www.homeschool-curriculum-4u.com">www.homeschool-curriculum-4u.com">http://www.homeschool-curriculum-4u.com) for more of Mary's articles, resources on homeschool, ideas, and curriculum information.

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