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Homeschooling versus Home Schooling - Part 2
Pamela Weaver

Yesterday I discussed the difference between Homeschooling and Home Schooling. Homeschooling is teaching the academics while Home Schooling requires the responsibility of parents teaching academics as well as social aspects, values and responsibility.

If we have made the decision to Home School then a change of life is going to take place between all members of the family. There has to be a commitment from every member of the family - because Home Schooling is a family affair, a family lifestyle.

We all know that when we have made the right decision in any aspect of our lives, we have that 'warm fuzzy feeling' and we can move forward knowing that what we are doing is right. Because of doing what is right for our self , or for our children in this instance, we are keen to activities, people, etc., to help us in educating our children.

We must remember that our responsibility for our children did not end when we gave birth. It continues throughout their entire life. We are creating a family here that does not end when the child leaves home. We will have made wonderful memories with these children and have created a foundation of love and a home of learning and a joy of learning.

A joy of learning! Nothing is more satisfying as to watch a child learn a new skill or understand a concept and then want to learn more and more. This cannot be learned in a public classroom setting. When we have that one on one educational experience with our child, we are developing a relationship that will never be diminished over time. That child will always remember the time a parent took to teach them a concept in math, or about the Renaissance Era. As they learn, you learn and then discussions take place and the child freely expresses his likes or dislikes about the subject. There are no right or wrong answers and there is no fear of expressing an opinion.

We must ask ourselves this question: "Am I willing to make the time commitment and the other sacrifices that come with creating a home of learning?"


About The Author

Pamela Weaver
home schooled for 14 years
worked with children in the church and community
mother of 5
grandmother of, at the moment, - 7
married - 32 years

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