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Homeschooling Children
Mary Joyce

The first and foremost homeschool resource available to you is yourself. Thatís right, itís you! Right from the start it is your motivation to provide your child with the best education you can possibly muster and your ability to stay focused on your projects that will ultimately determine the quality of education your child receives. But now, what homeschool resources and materials are available to YOU?

Depending upon the age(s) of your children the resources that you use will vary. A great way to help determine what homeschool materials to use will be to observe and take on not only what interests your child but how they appear to learn. CDís are a great learning tool. With todayís graphics and sophisticated programming the learning process can be both fascinating and fun for the child!

In fact, check out some of the software resources from the suppliers available to you right from this website!

Story books are a tried and true homeschool material. Teaching your children through the use of story books has long been a lynchpin in child education. Childrenís magazines are also another great source of learning and discovery for children. Animal stories are among some of the most popular. One advantage to magazines is that they stay current and each issue is just a bit different.

Last, and probably least is television. That is if you carefully monitor not only the programs that your child watches but the amount of time spent watching television. Donít ever substitute television (or any other automated type of medium such as computers) for hands on learning from their parent. With all of the technology available this can easily happen. Remember one of the great advantages to homeschooling is to be able to spend more time with your child and to directly control their educational experience. Slipping into too much computer and/or television time defeats the purpose of the homeschooling time.

When it comes to homeschooling children, your resources are unlimited and so is your childís ability to learn. Their world is boundless and so should be your creativity.

About the Author

Mary Joyce is a former educator, successful homeschool parent, and has written many articles on
teaching your child at home for the Homeschool-Curriculum-4u website. Please visit (http://www.homeschool-curriculum-4u.com">www.homeschool-curriculum-4u.com">http://www.homeschool-curriculum-4u.com) for more of Mary's articles, resources on homeschool, ideas, and curriculum information.

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