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The 10 "Be's" of Homeschooling
Lorraine Curry

1. BE AVAILABLE! Homeschooling is not hard, nor do the actual classes need to take much time, but it is important that your children find you available 24/7.

2. BE INTERESTED! Keep your child's heart, and their hunger for learning, by being interested in all the do and bring to you, even the worms!

3. BE A PARTNER IN LEARNING! Teach researching skills when they are young, creating a habit to serve them when older.

4. BE FLEXIBLE! Do not be so set in schedules and classes that you miss the real learning, bonding and loving experiences.

5. BE THRIFTY! Homeschooling does not have to cost an arm and a leg. God can direct you into terrific opportunities and resources for learning.

6. BE ORGANIZED! This is so important for our peace of mind! Our schools and our homes will run much smoother when we conquer this area.

7. BE DILIGENT! Consistency and schedules are important! Habit and hard work at God's priorities, teach more than we realize!

8. BE THE EXAMPLE! When our children see that we are under an Authority, and obedient to Him, they will likewise subject themselves to God's and parents' authority.

9. BE LOVING AND KIND! Maintain your peace and don't chase away the Holy Spirit by "blowing up." We can do all things through Christ! It helps to make sure you have a quiet time every morning, no matter how early you must get up!

10. BE BLESSED! Homeschooling is a wonderful opportunity and lifestyle that we would not trade for any other! Enjoy your children. Before you know it, they will be stepping out of your arms into life!

About the author:

Lorraine Curry is the author of 5 Star books, Easy Homeschooling Techniques and Easy Homeschooling Companion. See FREE articles, checklists, copywork, subscriptions, ebooks and more at http://www.easyhomeschooling.com

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