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Georgia Home In Inspection School Article

Is Home Schooling on the Internet the New Wave of Education?
Matt Degree

Do you have children in school - or are you planning for it soon?

Have you asked yourself if public schools are really doing all they can to improve your child and educate him or her for the real world?

Do you try to stifle desires to send them to private schools because of the cost or the perceived 'elitist' mentality?

Have you ever had a day arrive when your child comes home worn out, agitated and frustrated and thought to yourself "I'd love to keep my child home and teach him myself - if only I had the time."

Now, maybe you can. Here are some of the options.


Yes, private schools are sought by the wealthiest and most privileged of society. Although some would likely debate the benefits of private schooling over public schooling most parents probably have considered the option and would jump at the opportunity to give private schooling to their children if it appeared.

Unfortunately, for most families, private schooling is simply not a reality. At a cost of $7000 and upwards, the ability to afford such education is beyond their means. Religious affiliated schools are less expensive, but still not an option for many families with a of cost several thousands per year.


Traditional home schooling where the parent is the supervisor of the child's work is another option. With fantastic resources and helpful teachers to assist, it has been a form of education that can be the answer to parents who want the one-on-one education that public schools cannot provide.

Home schooling has been the basis of society for thousands of years - long before schools came about. However, in today's society it can be difficult for parent's to maintain the supervision of assignments that is needed for home schooling. This may become even more of an issue as a child gets into the higher grades and parents are unfamiliar with the curriculum or are working and do not have as much time to assist them.


A new addition to education, the internet is now providing the ability for parents to give their child an enhanced curriculum, control over education, and online support. This will all cost much less than private school at an average cost of $900 per year.

Older children can benefit from online teachers who are able to supervise the work - a huge benefit for working or single parents. Many accredited Internet schools offer similar courses to those available in private schools.

Joel Turtel, who is the author of "Public Schools, Public Menace: How Public Schools Lie To Parents and Betray Our Children," says that busy working parents can give their kids a quality, low-cost education at home using the Internet. K-12th grade Internet schools can take most of the homeschooling burden off parent's backs.

Perhaps this is the answer you've been looking for.

About the Author

Matt Degree involves in Education for almost 15 years. He has also been a consultant for online learning and act as advisor for online learning project. Find more resources at http://onlinedegree.eclicksoft.com

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